Thursday, January 31

Freebie and New Releases!

Hello, hello peeps! This is going to be short and sweet (just like me -LOL - actually I'm not that short so I guess that doesn't really apply...) anyway, I have some New Releases to share with you guys.... Pictures are better than words so have a peek below (pay special attention to the "Packages 4U" a.k.a. my February Grab Bag - I've put some hints on the preview of what you'll find inside - and all for just $2).... AND these (along with the rest of the designs in my Store are currently set at 40% OFF!) ok.. now for the freebie - it's a mighty grungy Valentine themed paper pack - this will only be a freebie for a limited time (it'll be going into my store next week - so pick it up while you can!) Download it here -- guess that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by today!

Tuesday, January 29

CT member spotlight

First of all - I TOTALLY loved reading all of your comments! It was fun to identify with others who shared in our excitement (and to hear from you other mothers of twins!) We had another ultrasound the other week and I asked the technician "Would you mind just confirming the gender again for me...." -- It was still showing 2 girls so I'm feeling more confident - LOL

ok.. but the real reason for this blog post was to give some props to one of my Swass Posse CT members (they REALLY work hard for me and I don't praise them enough!! so I thought I'd occassionally do a CT spotlight to highlight their awesome work and just so you can get to know them better as well) :) Since I didn't quite know which one to chose (since they are all so fabulous! I decided to just go alphabetically - LOL)... so this first CT spotlight is for BRITTNEY!

I feel so blessed to have her on my team! She really is a talented scrapper :) Not only is she a great scrapper - she is also a designer as well. You can check out her stuff (with links to her stores) at her blog.... - she's got some freebies available too - so check her out!

Here are some of my favorite LO's that she's created up with my designs (get ready for some inspiration!)....

Swass Template... Background paper from "Graphables" paper pack.....Solid Blue paper from "6th Street" paper pack........ Swirly Twirly Ribbons (some recoloring)...... Froggy sticker from "Fanciful" kit-.........Cardboard Cut-Outs with Glitter Outlines........ Star paper (recolored) from "Spangled Glory" Kit

Background paper (darkened) from "Intuition - Solids".......Orange paper from "Ledger-ables" paper pack......Cardbaord H (glitter added) from "Cardboard Characters"........Stars from "Add A Border"

Yellow paper from "LedgerAbles" paper pack ........Red paper (slightly recolored) clipped to frame from "Spangled Glory" kit ........ Brown paper from "6th Street" paper pack ....... Other clipped papers (some recoloring) from "5th Avenue" paper pack ........."Swass Leaves" brushes ....... Cardboard Photo Corners

now for a quick PSA: I've been hard at work the past few weeks and have some new designs that will be hitting the shelf on Friday! Be sure to check back then for all of the info (as well as a big ol' freebie paper pack!)

Saturday, January 12

Double WHAT??! a Freebie & Reveal!

Alright all you faithful blog readers of mine (all 3 of you! LOL) I have been a bit MIA the last few weeks... But I have some juicy gossip to make up for it - ok, it's not really gossip since (1) it's about me and I'm the one telling you (2) it's true and (3) I'm excited to tell you all!.... So... My dh and I decided to take the plunge and find out the sex of the baby I'm carrying (mind you, we haven't done ultrasounds with the last 2 babies but since this is our last baby... my dh was dying to find out if he'd finally get a little girl!)... Alright, so on with the juice... the Saturday before Christmas we went in to get the ultrasound (hold on a minute.. my dh actually wrote up the blog entry at our family blog about it... and am thinking you might like a different "voice" to read for a change - LOL) so I've cut and pasted the blog entry that he wrote....

For some news of monumental proportions, hang on to your knickers and read on.
So Shandy and I went to the doctor on Saturday to get our first ultrasound of our new arrival. We wanted to see what the sex of the baby would be. We had decided that this would be our last child and so I was really anxious to see if we were finally going to add a little girl to the family.
Now these ultrasounds are never 100% positive however all indications point to the fact that they are girls.
That's right, girls. Plural. As in more than one. As in twins.
The nurse starts ultrasounding (is that a verb?) and after
less than a minute he says, "Well, the first thing that I see is that there are two." I keep waiting for him to say that he's joking. Shandy and I look at each other. My left eyebrow raises like The Rock. I look at the Nurse in disbelief.
"Dude, serious?"
I believe that my first words after that were, "Holy Crap..." followed shortly by, "I guess we'll need to trade your van in on a bigger one."
So the dude starts going through all of the areas of the exam on the ultrasound. There's quite the laundry list of things he's got to look at. We determine that each baby is in it's own amniotic sack which is indicative of fraternal twins. It's 40 minutes before we find out the gender on Baby A. I'm thinking, So what's it going to be in our family? Six boys? Five boys, one girl? Four boys, two girls?
We end up discovering that both babies are girls. Both are about identical in size and are completely healthy and at the right stage of development.
Needless to say, Shandy and I are completely ecstatic. What a wonderful blessing. We look forward to the girls joining us with both great anticipation and a small measure of fear. Twins on top of four boys will be a tough job but we are up to it. I think we are still in a little bit of shock as we try to digest everything that will have to happen in the next few months. One thing is for sure: I need to get neutered here pretty soon.

So there you have it! I'm still in shock and I've known for almost 3 weeks! so with that fresh in our minds.. I came up with a Double Page LO in honor of the little babies that will be soon joining us! (Mid to end April for all of you inquiring minds!) You can Download it here

oh, I almost forgot!... I was going to reveal my grab bag from last month (yes, I know.. I'm a tad bit late... LOL) but for all of you who snatched this up for the bargain of $2.00 I sure hope you were pleased when yo unzipped everything! For the rest of you... all of the below products can be found at My Store with a 25% savings for the next few days :) ENJOY!