Friday, April 18

still pregnant!

I know it's so good for the girls to still be developing but I am READY to have them exit the womb! I am 37 weeks now and if they haven't debuted by next weekend - I think I'm going to give the go ahead to the Dr. to induce me (I am usually anti-inducing... but truthfully don't think I can physically handle being pregnant any longer than 1 more week!)
2 weeks ago - we got a little glimpse of the labor... I was really feeling back pain and regular contractions so we went to the hospital and went to the Triage unit to get checked -- turned out I was dilated to 4cm and contractions were every 5 min. So they admit me and get me all hooked up to the IV's and get the epidural on standby. I was kind of worried and kept telling dh "it's too early for them to come! they need another week or so!" He reassured me that if they were born, it was Heavenly Father's timeline and that everything would work out to be fine, etc... so I accepted the fact that the girls would be born at 35 weeks and then.... after progressing to 4.5cm dilated - labor stopped! After being monitored for an additional 8 hours (those L&D beds are sooooooooo uncomfy!!) I was sent home on bedrest until I hit 36 weeks. Knowing bedrest was only going to be for 5-6 days and I had an end in sight - I actually enjoyed it :) So, now I have been up and off of bedrest since last weekend and am just waiting for the labor signs to start back up (at my last appointment - I was still 4.5cm). I'm not too surprised though - the same thing happened with my last pregnancy - I went into labor and was dilated to a 5cm and then labor just stopped.... he was born 4 days later. My dh and I went for a walk last night and it was soooo painful! I kept telling him "this had better be doing something because this hurts so bad!" I have another appointment on Tuesday morning - so I'll know more then to report. Thanks for all of the well wishes and comments :)