Tuesday, July 31

Sale and Freebie Template!

What a whirlwind the past week has been! Just a quick update (since I know you are all just dying to hear - hee hee)... we closed on our new house the end of last week and spent the weekend moving (joyous) and then the past 2 days cleaning the old house (even more joyous!)
But to celebrate the move - both of my stores have been slashed to 50% off!! Yep... both Elemental Scraps and Shandy Vogt Designs are at blowout prices for the next few days :) Hooray! Oh, I should mention that if you're looking for my Textured Overlays or my PhotoFX Elegant Frames they are only at my personal store (long story short -- my computer crashed tonight before I was able to get those uploaded to ES -- and yes! I am VERY SAD :( so please buy something from me to make me happy - LOL - just kidding...

Click Here here to see the previews of all my new releases - or scroll down a couple of posts to see them here on my blog...
With moving - I've had to leave an awesome neighbor - Shaina! So... as a little tribute to her, I made this template with some of the specifics that she gave me (although she did want one of the photos to be in a circular shape -- sorry Shaina -- wasn't working for me on this one - hee hee) but if you think you can use it... Download the Shaina Template

PS: just wanted to say to all the participants of the SHINES -- I haven't forgotten you! With all the hustle of the move it's just been crazy around here! I'm going to combine and do a big debut this week of all the submissions!

PSS: also -- I've been tagged again (by Sweet Sondra!) but am too tired to do that right now... but stay tuned for that as well....

Monday, July 23

Tagged, LO's and schtuff

isn't that word (schtuff) just so fun to say??? come on.. try it... just like it sounds... kind of just rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn't it?...

alright... let's see... first off - Brooke tagged me so I guess I've gotta tell all you friendly peeps 7 random things about me... feel free to skim this part... I'm really not all that intereting.

1. I have lived in Korea twice. My father was stationed there for 2 years when I was growing up and then DH was stationed there. His was to be an unaccompanied tour but I was like "you're not leaving me! I'm comming with you!"... so the two older boys (they were just 6 months and 2) and I flew over and lived in a little Korean Villa for a year (with DH of course ;)

2. I had my last two babies at home (planned) and LOVED it!

3. I'm the B.I.G.G.E.S.T. scaredy cat! I'm still afraid of the dark - so when DH was deployed to Iraq.. I slept with lights on for like the first year! LOL

4. I have fallen out of a moving vehicle before - growing up, seatbelts weren't really enforced and one time (actually coming home from the hospital from getting my arm in a cast) my dad took a corner... and out I went! had to go back to the hospital :(

5. Before my "digital days" -- I had done some freelance work for Memory Makers

6. I can sing the whole song "Part of your world" from The Little Mermaid with no prompts :)

7. I absolutely LOVE cereal!! any and all kinds of cereal! I could eat it for every meal of the day. seriously. In fact, I have... many times :)

alright... Got 2 LO's to share.... and they are both by me! (I know.. shocker, isn't it??) I've got a Week In Review ongoing album and I'm getting BEHIND - so I did a LO for it tonight.. it was when I was gone to girls camp last month (so I'm not that far behind - hee hee) I haven't posted these yet so I can't link you to the credits - so guess I'll do that here.The template is from the Ready to Scrap Vol 13 pack by Chantal Taake. Papers are from my new 5th Avenue and the little sticker embellies are by Holly McCraig.
This one is using a template by Tracy B, stamped flower by Kaye and the papers are by Kim Christensen. Isn't my little baby boy just absolutely ADORABLE!!! when my 3rd son was this age - our whole family was part of a wedding so I got this little tux (you can't tell from the pics but it's a full tuxedo with cumberbun and TAILS on the coat! -- I'm going to have to do another photo shoot soon where Nathan cooperates and stands up to show off the suit - LOL)
let's see what else... oh with my dh having drill this past weekend- he missed the whole HP frenzy but is out right now (yes it's like 1:30am here) driving to all sorts of walmarts in search of a copy! He actually just found one at the neighboring city's WM -- he's flying back out of town in a few hours and wanted it for the flight...
anyway.. guess I'd best get to bed myself... if you're still reading - I'm impressed! Chat again later....

Saturday, July 21

template freebie :)

hi everyone! I sure hope you guys have had a good weekend so far :) We had a BBQ at the church which was delicious! and then a little dance afterwards... Came home and did some more packing -- it's comming along rather nicely for me :) took a little break and wanted to make something for you guys - so here's another template from me. My texture overlay sample is still available (next post down) so be sure to grab it if you haven't done so already.
and one more thing -- Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who have taken advantage of my Bag O' Money promotion -- You guys helped me purchase a (new to me) couch for the upstairs loft! Once it's all moved in (next weekend)... I'll take a pic and post -- me AND MY BOYS thank you tons!!!! so yeah.. enjoy the template! Download here

Thursday, July 19

Bag O' Money (oh & a FREEBIE)

So... you all know that I'll be moving into our new house next weekend and I just keep finding new furniture and decor items that I WANT to put in it! LOL.. so I thought to myself... alright, I need to design up some new goodies and come up with a fun little promotion for my dedicated supporters (insert: "blog readers" here :) so I don't go broke on my SHOPPING SPREES! Anyway, this is what I came up with -- my BAG O' MONEY products to tempt ya (hee hee)... basically what it is - I've got 3 Bag O' Money products in My Store that are each $5. Each of them has a mystery amount of "Shandy Ca$h" (aka: money good only in my shoppe).... One has $8, one has $10 and one has $12. You can purchase all 3 for $15 and then you'd be doubling your money (with a total of $30 to spend in my store) - PLUS.. I've got everything on sale at 35% off -- so you'd REALLY be getting the most for you buck!
ok.. so enough about the fun Bag O' Money promotion... I've also got several NEW PRODUCTS that just hit the shelves tonight! WOOHOO! Here's a preview of them...
I really thought that the texture overlays were so cool - so thought I'd give you guys a sample one to try out :) Be sure to play with the opacity and blending modes to get the perfect look! You can Download it here

put your shades on!! SHINES...

yep.. it's SHINE time! browse through all the LO's submitted this week and dare to be inspired! Each participant will recieve my new 6th Street paper pack :) So check your emails ladies.... For any of you others - this paper pack is available at Shandy Vogt Designs and it (along with the rest of my store) is 35% off.

Thursday, July 12

give it up for the SHINES!!

sorry no chit chat tonight -- my eyes are droopy and need to get to bed at a decent time tonight - LOL... but not without giving it up for the SHINES submissions this week! There have really been some wonderful LO's sent in -- THANK YOU!! so enjoy the eye candy :)

Each of this weeks participants will receive a BRAND SPANKIN' new template pack that I just finished up this morning... I'm not going to post the preview because I'm thinking of possibly using it for my next grab bag (yep.. I'm already thinking about the next one - hee hee). So for those of you who submitted, check your email (and if by chance you didn't get something from me - PLEASE let me know -- I'm a bit scatter brained lately...)

Wednesday, July 11

Freebie Frames & Grab Bag Revealed!

Hi guys! Happy Wedesday morning :) Just wanted to pop on real quick to reveal the contents of my Grab Bag! I'm sooo thrilled that so many of you liked it! So many wonderful comments about how it restored your "faith in grab bags" and how you were so excited after you unzipped it! So... here's what was inside...
Call me crazy... but for a limited time (probably thru the weekend....) I will keep my grab bag available for $5. So yeah, basically I'm letting you have it for FREE considering the $5 GC that's included! It's available both at Elemental Scraps and at my personal store Shandy Vogt Designs

And here is a fun little pack of HIS n' HERS photo frames. Feel free to snatch these puppies up for free.
Download here

Saturday, July 7

Scallop Template Freebie!

Taking a quick break from packing -- got another room about 80% packed up -- HOORAY for me! LOL... Anyway, designing really is a stress reliever for me so I have this template to share with all of you tonight. It'd be great for all those pics you took over the 4th - hee hee.

Also you guys have been treating me so well this week with all of your lovely comments and emails and such... I've especially gotten several POSITIVE feedbacks about my grab bag -- now I REALLY tried to make this one Xtra good so all of you bargain peeps would think you got a steal of a deal (and if truth be told -- I'm practically paying YOU to get it -- LOL) It's only going to be available for the weekend and then it'll be opened up and all products will go into the store at full price. It's literally a $20 value for just $2! That's right - 90% off retail! and YES both my Elemental Scraps store and Shandy Vogt Designs are in their final days of the 50% off sale (ends Sunday - so be sure to take advantage of the awesome deals going on :)

ok.. back to the freebie - ;) Here's the preview and here's the download link... ENJOY! and happy weekend peeps! ETA: the link is no longer active... if you're still interested in this particular template it will be part of a new Template pack - Got Pix? Vol. II (due to be released by August 1st).

Friday, July 6

SHINES & Spangled Glory....

Wow! entice a scrapper with a free kit and you'd better make sure your inbox has ample room! ok.... it is now after midnight MST and so the cut off is officially over for the free kit. I am amazed by how many of you took on this challenge - I was quite thrilled! I did spend a good portion of today responding to your emails and getting the link out - but of course that was MUCH more fun than packing - LOL... before I get to the SHINES - I just wanted to share my favorite Add on LO that was submitted... it was hard - REAL HARD! and I wanted to showcase all of them but I also want to get to bed so here's my favorite one... It's by HEATHER B. and in addition to the Add on kit, she used some If you Dare (to use patterns) paper, Mix n' Match chipboard tags and a barcode rubon. Excellent Job Heather!! Also - I thought I'd showcase DH's favorite as well - and his pick was COLLEENS!! Another excellent LO from a talented scrapper!

Also I wanted to show off these two LO's -- these are from some gals that are just getting started into digi and I think they are REALLY OFF TO AN INCREDIBLE start!!! holy cow ladies! Remember how I mentioned that I did an "intro to digi" class last Friday at church?... well.. Melissa was one of the "students" who attended. I'm so impressed with her work! and Marci's SIL - designerbrittney - has talked her into the joining us in the digi realm and I think she's found her forte!!
Alright.. I apologize for skipping out on last weeks SHINES... with us house hunting and everything - the week just got away from me... so without further delay here is some fun eye candy for you - all featuring Shandy Vogt designs :) Can I just tell you guys how much I enjoy receiving your SHINES! They really do make my days :) Those who participated will have their choice of any new release product! I'll be sending out an email to all of you with some directions - so if you don't have an email by Friday morning -- please contact me :)

Thursday, July 5

Giving away FREE KIT!! & house update....

alright all you faithful blog readers... I've got a little blog reader appreciation gift (EEKS! ha ha.. just after I typed that - I realized that's totally what Monique calls her ongoing challenges and such - where she gives a mystery B.R.A.G. bag -- go check her out!

So... back to me being appreciative of all of you and your continued support of my designs... (**SIDE NOTE: due to our technical difficulties the beginning of the week over at ES - we have decided as a store to extend our 50% off sale until SUNDAY!! just click here for some fun shopping - or you can visit my personal store for some 50% off shopping as well**) Alright.. let's try this a third time - hee hee -- I JUST NOW decided on something.... ANYONE who sends me a LO using my free Spangled Glory Add on (link still active -- next post down) will recieve the FULL SPANGLED GLORY kit for free!! But... I'm limiting this to TODAY ONLY! So any LO sent to me at shandyvogt @ hotmail . com before midnight MST today (Thursday) with the subject line SPANGLED GLORY will receive the full kit. alright.. so what are you doing surfing blogs??? get scrapping!

Also wanted to send a little shout out to my girl Chantal who I create for! I did a little demo on INTRO TO DIGI SCRAPPING at church last week and I scrapped this LO as part of the class. I really like how it turned out. Papers are by Kim Christensen. Doodle by Princess lala and the template is by Chantal. ok.. a quick update on the house. I've started packing and realize it will be a LONG process! The Army has moved us every time in the past and we've been in our current house for 6 years so I'd forgotten how much time it takes to move - even if it is just across town! I've got 3 weeks from today till we close -- so I might be sparse over the next little bit. I also keep forgetting to take my camera whenever we go there (which of course I have to go all the time - just to see it again - LOL) so I pulled some pics off of the MLS just to show you... here's the outside of it and then a pic of my favorite room - the KITCHEN!!

Tuesday, July 3

FREE Spangled Glory Add On

First things -- sorry that Elemental Scraps was down yesterday -- we've been having some technical difficulties over at ES :( Anyway... all products are back in motion and are ready to make their way into your hands... remember not just my stuff over there is 50% off BUT the entire store! Also - Shandy Vogt Designs is 50% off and has some additional items not found at ES.

ok.. with the 4th of July tomorrow... I thought I'd go ahead and release this Add on to my new Spangled Glory kit. Snatch it up here first for FREE before it makes its way into the store.And here is the full kit of Spangled Glory available at both stores -- Download Add On here
Also - as far as the weekly SHINES go -- since we are already so far into this week.. I'm just going to post last weeks submissions on Friday with this weeks... so... if you'd like yours included - be sure to email me: shandyvogtAThotmailDOTcom...

Monday, July 2

Ribbon Corner Freebie

You ladies are too sweet with your comments! Just real quick I wanted to point your attention here to a sa-weet game I'm hosting over at ES... it's fast, fun and best part -- a daily winner will be chosen! So you have multiple chances to win some great prizes (products, gift certificates, etc... )

ok.. here's some ribbon corners I made that I thought I'd share with all of you guys before I added them to my shoppe -- you know - to THANK YOU for being such GREAT supporters of my designs!
download here .... be sure to scroll down to snatch up a free template I just put up as well :) ENJOY!! and remember that BOTH of my shoppes are on a whopping 50% off SALE the next couple of days :)...ETA: currently the ES store is down but if you just feel like you HAVE to have some of my new goodies... just visit here --oh and I'll be sure to post some pics of the new house soon.... but right now I need to get to bed! Chat later ladies :)