Saturday, September 20

DNA results and a FREEBIE!

now.. please don't fall of your seats and cause some unwanted damage to your selves but I actually have a freebie! 1st one since like MARCH - LOL... but before I get to it... just wanted to share some sweet pics of my little girlies and give a quick update.
Aubrie: Has been sleeping through the night (6:00pm - 6:30am) for almost 2 months now! I love it! It's kinda sad when I put her down for the night and kiss her and say "ok.. I'll see you in the morning".. that's so long to not see her! LOL... but I love the downtime (of course after all the rest of the crew are in bed...) She has the most beautiful big brown eyes ever!! She startles easily and if Lexi is crying.. sometimes she'll do a sympathy cry with her. She loves her baths and splashing in the water and playing in her jumperoo and she's a big time smiler :)
Lexi: Goes to bed with her sister but let's me see her half way through (she gets up around 1:30ish for a bottle and then right back to sleep till 6:30am). She has been rolling over from back to tummy and tummy to back for about a month now (and no - Aubrie's showing no signs of wanting to move - LOL). She giggles and laughs all the time and babbles frequently :) She also loves playing in the exersaucer and jumperoo. She's still about a pound lighter than Aubrie (and still a bit taller - so it really emphasizes her being lighter...)
I absolutley LOVE being a twin mom! nothing is greater!! It has been the most fun ever and I love waking up to them each morning. They go on my daily walk w/ me at 6:50am and that gets them out of the house. They both take a LONG morning nap from 8:30am till noon or 12:30pm and then back down for an afternoon nap from 2-4pm and then to bed by 6pm - so I really am diggin' their current schedule.
ok.. so now onto the title of this post... their DNA test results (to determine if they're Identical or not). From the beginning (even being pregnant) we had assumed they were fraternal (they were in their own sacs, had seperate placentas, heredity (my grandma is a twin), my age, subsequent pregnancies, etc..) and when they were born they looked NOTHING alike! But as they grew and got older (around the 3 month mark) we started noticing that they looked VERY similar and people started asking if they were ID (of course I said "No"... just similiar looking fraternal twins)... I posted some pics of the girls at Twinstuff (I HIGHLY recommend this site for any other twin moms reading this!) and the consensus over there was thay they were Identical... so I decided to get them tested (test involved swabbing the inside of their cheeks and sending it into a lab in California - cost: $99) and we just got the results back this week. I don't know if I'm surprised or not - LOL... but the results came back that they are IDENTICAL GIRLS! Only 30% of all twins are ID and of that 30% less than 1/3 of them have seperate sacs and placentas (like mine did -- so overall only like 9% of all twins are like Aubrie and Lexi - being ID with seperate everything). Obviously regardless of how the test results came back - it wouldn't have changed anything - but it's sooooo wonderful to know what to tell people now when we get that #1 question ("Are they Identical?") and plus for their medical records, etc... So anyway, let me share some pics of my sweet little twincesses! Oh, BTW they are getting close to 5 months old! That's just pure crazy! Alright... now on to the FREEBIE! I needed a template that would hold lots of pictures (since I literally take like 100+ everyday! no joke.) and came across a fabulous design in the Aug/Sept. issue of scrapbooks ETC (page 98 by BARB WONG) and loved it! so I used it and afterwards thought some of you might like it as well... so here it is all packaged up for you :) It's a 2 pager and you'll find 3 PSD files in the download (one of each page seperately and one of them together). You can Download it here