Thursday, March 29

SHINES of the week!

I'm gonna have to say that I think these posts (even though this is only my second SHINE)... they are my favorites! #1) because it shows me that people are actually using my designs and #2) I get to showcase some fabulous scrappers! #3) It's just too darn fun!And just for kicks... I'm going to send each of these gals a fun little *extra*... they'll be recieving this paper from my ISLAND WOODS collection (which hasn't been released yet)... so check your emails ladies :) I hope to get loads of LO's this comming week to showcase in next Friday's SHINES of SVdesigns... and who knows what next weeks little *extra* will be. Have I enticed you yet to share your LO's - LOL

Wednesday, March 28


You all need to thank my incredible MIL -- she took the boys today and so I've spent the afternoon designing some more fun filled goodies! In fact, you are in for a double dose of fun today -- a template AND a paper pack! I've been debating on which pack to put up.. I did create an IF YOU DARE (to be a girl) set -- obviously by it's name, the girl counterpart to Monday's freebie :) and I also just finished up a 12 paper set called NATURE... hmmm.. decisions, decisions! LOL... I'm going to flip a coin.. Heads is IYD and tales will be NATURE... (hold on a moment)...... ok, I'm back -- took me a bit longer than I thought.. couldn't find a coin - LOL. The winner for today's freebie is IF YOU DARE (to be a girl)!! and just because I get so much lovin' from all you gals -- here's an extra Template for ya! I used it in my "Making the Grade" LO that can be found a few posts down...

Also, stay tuned for this weeks SHINES! can't wait to share them with you... there hasn't been too many so I've got plenty of space for all of YOURS -- so share them with all of us (by emailing me a link - email is just under my profile)... let's see... while I have everyone's attention is there anything else I want to say... hmmm... nope.. just HAVE FUN SCRAPPIN'!

(link has been taken down but this set of papers is available for purchae at my store)

download template here

Monday, March 26


Hi and welcome to my blog this fine, happy Monday! My boys are all on spring break this week... so wish me luck in surviving - LOL. My friend Heather (aka Scrappy Pony Designs) shared a few of her ingenious tips on making some awesome grunge papers... and here's the end product! I named it "if you dare" because basically -- these are BOLD, RAW and GRUNGED OUT to the max... and only use them if you dare - LOL. These definitely are not for the faint of heart. I challenged myself to use them and came up with this. Credits can be found here for the LO. Also, just one more thing. I'm quite curious on the different creations you guys can come up with using these... SO... anyone who emails me a link to a LO they've done using IF YOU DARE... I'll give 2 more papers that go with this set (I had too much fun playing after I'd already *packaged* these up for the freebie - LOL) My email is located just under my profile :) Download If You Dare

Thursday, March 22

SHINES of the week

What's more rewarding than seeing your goodies put to good use??? Well.. I guess I can think of a few things, but I must say - it's pretty darn cool! Several of you have emailed me links to LO's you've designed using SVdesign products and so I decided to start doing a fun little thing each week. I'm going to call it "SHINES of the week" and bascially I'll make a little collection of LO's that showcase my work in action and post it here on my blog. If you'd like to be considered for future weeks, just drop me an email :) - my address can be found just beneath my profile. Here are this weeks SHINES... enjoy! and I hope to hear from LOTS of you this week! (oh, and it doesn't have to be the latest freebie.. it can be any of my goodies).

I also did one up tonight using the new Coral Reef Papers. I usually don't scrap with these brighter colors and didn't think I'd even have any pictures to use with them, but my son happened to be wearing this orange shirt today -- hooray for him! LOL. I used Seebies alpha grunge for the title and the arrow is by Kari :)

TT - Coral Reef Paper Pack

Happy Thursday to all of my cyber friends!! Although I was tempted to do another Template (I find them F.U.N. to make - LOL) I thought I'd pass around some *Fresh* papers today instead -- to help welcome in spring :) If you think you can use them... click HERE to download.

Tuesday, March 20

Hi everyone... just a quick post...
here's a cool layout by Jolie using my latest Template - I just LOVE how it's so fresh and sunny! ... She gave permission for me to post it here to inspire all of you!!! Keep sending in links to LO's using my goodies (who knows.. you could be next to apper here - LOL)

Monday, March 19

Word Art Link :)

alright.. it was brought to my attention that when you save the word art from the blog here... there is a white background with it... SO SORRY LADIES! thought I'd make things simple.. guess not - LOL
so... HERE is the link for it. It's not zipped.. but it is in .png format so just click the "download here" once you're at 4shared.

Sunday, March 18

Template and Quote Freebie

It's Monday again and you all know what that means, right?? Yep.. it's MGM (My Giveaway Monday) time again at SVdesigns! I hope everyone's week is starting off on a fantastic note! We've had such gorgeous weather that I just can't help but smile :) I've been making some more templates and thought I'd share another one (I don't think I really like this one... but someone may have the perfect pictures for this design so GET IT HERE ). Also, here's the quote word art that I used when playing around using Jessica Spragues handtinted tutorial (read next blog entry for details) and thought I'd share that today with all of you as well :) Again, just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome comments that you all leave me here (and also at 4shared). I DO read them :) and they give me warm fuzzies - thanks! oh, just right click on the word art picture and select "Save As" to download to your desktop. It's in .png format. If that doesn't work, I'll go ahead and link it up to 4shared.

Dreamy Handtinted Effect

So call me crazy but I had no idea that Jessica Sprague did photoshop tutorials each friday! I've been checking out different blogs and came across a link to hers on this tutorial that I used to create this handtinted and frame effect! I'm so pleased with the outcome! Her instructions were so easy to follow! Thanks! This is a photo of my littlest guy this past Thursday during our home photo shoot :)

Thursday, March 15

Template Freebie

Hi everyone! I know TONS of people make Templates out there (and they are awesome at it!!) but thought I'd give one a try... I actually think it turned out pretty cool and used it to do a LO this morning with (papers are from Meredith Fenwicks Technogrunge kit and the brushes are by Designfruit) ... Here's the LINK to download it (do it fast, tho.. I'm limiting this to just 400 downloads! edited: wow! I didn't realize it would exceed 400 within 10 hours. Sorry, but the link has been taken down. I'm thinking this template will be available in the near future, though.) I hope you all enjoy it and feel free to show me what you do with it.. who knows.. I might just ask to showcase it here on my blog :)

Tuesday, March 13

Happy News and FREEBIES!

Alright everyone... first of all I guess I have an "announcement" to make - :)
A brand new site will be opening up in the near future (shooting for a May 1st debut) and I have accepted an offer to be one of their designers! Originally I had planned on just selling from my blog so (1) I wasn't under any "pressure" to produce X amount of product by a certain date and (2) so I could keep my prices low by not compensating for paying a store commision. Well, needless to say, I found an owner that addressed BOTH of these points! They encourage us to "design at our own pace" -- which is a concept that I LOVE!!! Designers are given a certain amount of shopping cart slots in their store and basically they are ours to do with what we want... to fill with kits, alphas, elements, templates - whatever! and obviously, if they are all filled, that's more beneficial to us... and number 2: There are no commission to pay. ever! Paypal will be the method of acceptable payments and only the coresponding paypal fee will be taken from the payment. I found the official call for this in the digishoptalk forums (which gives more info and the contact information) -- so check it out if you're interested!! I believe she is down to looking for only 4 more designers to climb on board! So don't delay if you're seriously interested! In talking with the owner, I am VERY impressed with her designer/owner co-op concept! I am so thrilled that this opportunity was extended to me and that it will fit into my life and let me keep my priority on my family and have fun with the whole designing journey :) - plus I'm relived that I have over 6 weeks to "build up" my inventory to have some awesome things ready for the big release day - LOL. Oh, and here in a few weeks it looks like I'm going to have to be putting out a call for my very own CT -- wow - that sounds sooooo official! a bit intimidating to me... but exciting at the same time!... so keep a watch out for that too (if you're interested :)

Alright... but in the meantime... I was going through my files and came upon this painted alphabet stencils (that I made to go with my August Sun kit -- found here on my blog) but somehow it didn't make it in - LOL... but then I started playing around in PSE and came up with some papers that coordinate with it as well!... feel free to pick these up if you can use them!

HI everyone! I realize that Monday came and went and there wasn't a freebie here - EEEKS! It's just been a bit extra crazy around here... I've got something just about ready to post... so check back soon :) I totally love and appreciate everyone coming here to check out my designs... I'll be back later - promise :)

Wednesday, March 7

Chipboard Blocks and Alpha's

Hi everyone! I've got one final goodie that coordinates with my Vintage Floral Kit. It's a set of chipboard blocks and alphabets. Everything comes in its own seperate png file so you can easily mix and match and customize your layouts! I've really enjoyed working with this specific color palatte and with the floral theme, but think this is the last set of elements I'll make for it. On to the next kit! So for those of you who have purchased my Vintage Floral kit, I THANK YOU! and hope you have enjoyed the additional free addons to it :) and a big THANK YOU to everyone who has left such wonderful comments -- they really have made my week!
Click here to download

Tuesday, March 6

Scrappy Time

Today has just been GORGEOUS! All 3 older boys played outside the entire afternoon and I actually took the time to get caught up on cleaning and laundry and (ya know.. all the *fun* stuff of life) while Nathan napped. Of course I would rather have been creating something. After all the boys were tucked safely into bed after haircuts and showers, I did scrap up our week in review page. It was my goal at the new year to do a week in Review page this entire year and so far, I have kept up on it! If you're interested, it can be found here.
Then I also did up this one of my sweet boys... after my second said said this (how his little baby brother was "drowning in his love", I just knew I had to get it scrapped for posterity! Both of these use my Vintage Floral Kit. I also wanted to thank you all for your kind and positive words about my freebies and kits. You guys really know how to make a scrapper feel L.O.V.E.D.!!

Monday, March 5

Another Vintage Floral Add on Freebie

So I've been playing around with some of the actions from Atomic Cupcake and came up with these. They go perfectly with my Vintage Floral kit so decided to give them out as a Freebie addon! You can download them here. Enjoy!

Vintage Floral Kit $1.50

Here's my latest kit called Vintage Floral and you can pick it up cheap for just $1.50. It comes with 10 papers, 2 border rubons, 3 ribbons, 2 journaling spots, 7 floral/flourish rubons and 1 corner flourish. I have a larger image of this (so you can see the details a bit better) at the very bottom of my blog - so just scroll down all the way and you won't miss it!) If you like what you see, just click on the button to the right (under my profile) that says "click here to buy Vintage Floral" -- see, I DO try and make things easier for ya! Anyway, that will take you to paypal. As soon as I recieve your payment I will send out the link to you via email so you can download this beauty (So be sure that your paypal email is correct). Also, please allow up to 12 hours for delivery :) oh, and THANK YOU so much for your support.

MM - Vintage Florals Add On Freebie

Happy Monday everyone! We had a "decent" weekend with only 50% of the family "under the weather"... so that's improving - LOL. It seems like we have literally been sick since December! I'm keeping a positive thought process and telling myself that this week we will be well! Alright, on to today's freebie -- it's a little Add on to my new kit I created called Vintage Florals. You can download it here. The preview here doesn't show the faint florals on the blue paper, but trust me.. it's gorgeous upclose! Remember to check back on Thursday for my TT (Take it Thursday) freebie!

Thursday, March 1

TT - Ribbon Freebie

Hi everyone! hope your week has been treating you good! For today's TT (Take it Thursday) I've got some ribbons up for grab. If you think you can use them go ahead and download them here.