Tuesday, March 25


Just wanted to come on and give everyone an update (and also for those of you who religiously check in and haven't seen anything new for a VERY LONG time!).

First of all - I'm sure many of you are wondering if I've had the twins yet - and I'm happy to report that they're still with me developing and growing each day :) I'm just about 34 weeks and I'm expecting them to make their grand debut within the next 3-4 weeks. I promise I'll hop on and give the details of their arrival. Physically, things are going rather well.... I'm not HUGE by any means and most people wouldn't suspect that I'm carrying twins - although I really feel the ailments in the evening and will be glad once I can breathe again and get up off of the couch without assistance - LOL
Mentally and emotionally - I think I'm pretty much ready for the upcoming adventure (ok - without really knowing how it's going to be - I'm just ready to keep a positive attitude and take things day by day). We got the nursery all done up this week - we went with a monochromatic pink scheme with green accents for the decor. Here is the crib bedding I won on eBay - and I LOVE it! Isn't it just too cute?! It was for the full 9 piece coordinating set (brand new and I won it for $40.36!) Mama was happy - LOLI'll need to take a picture of the actual nursery all put together and post. I also need to pack my hospital bag (and since it's been over 10 years since I delivered in a hospital I had to do some research to find out what I should take - LOL). and on a final note - the names that we've been kicking around for the girls are.....
Lexi and Aubri :)
so that's about it for now - I'll try and do better and keeping you all updated :)