Friday, May 2

Introducing the TWINS!!

OK - so I wasn't so good at keeping everyone updated -- but here's the official welcoming post of the Vogt girls! Following is the condensed birth story....

So I was set to come in for an induction on Tuesday (April 29th) morning. At 5:45am I got a call from L&D saying that they were slammed throughout the night and didn't have a bed for me and to not come in - but to just wait for a call from them later on to see if they could get me in. I have to admit that I was quite bummed! I was like "NO! this can't be happening!".... but tried to still keep positive and think that hopefully later in the morning I'd get a call from them. Well..... things looked up at shortly after 7am they called and said that I could come in (hooray!). I had gone back to bed and we had sent grandma back home (she was going to be staying with our other boys) so I called her and then we started getting ready so by the time we actually got to the hospital and admitted it was almost 9am.

They got the IV all set up and the Dr.'s instructions were to start me on Pitocin and he would be in shortly to break my water. Before they hooked up the pit - the nurse was like "let's just check to see if you're doing anything" and I was actually at 6cm - so the Dr said not to do the Pit and we'd just see what happened. He got there about 10am and broke my water and wanted me to walk for 30-45 min to see if that brought on stronger contractions. Contractions started immediately and were just 2 minutes apart (and they were killing me!) I only made it walking for about 8 min. and then I went back to the room and asked for the epidural immediately... Got the epidural just before 11am and afterwards (around 11:30am) the nurse checked again and I was at 9cm. She called the Dr. and we started getting ready to head over to the OR. Baby A (Aubri) was Vertex and Baby B (Lexi) was Breech. I pushed one time and Aubri's head was out and with the second push the rest of her was out. The Dr. then went up to try and turn her - couldn't get her turned so grabbed her little legs and pulled her out (I pushed one time to help assist getting her out). Both cried immediately and everything went super fast!

Here are the stats:

Baby A:
Aubri Annabelle
8lb 2oz
20.5 inches

Baby B:
Alexa (Lexi) Fae
7lb 2oz
21.5 inches

As you can tell... they are both GOOD size (hooray!) and I have recovered soooooo well.
Here are a few more pics to enjoy :)

Here's a pic of me right before leaving for the hospital....

John in the OR right after they were born....

the girls and I (Aubrie on left, Lexi on the right) leaving the hospital...

the two little sweeties!