Friday, February 15

Freebie... Reveal...& a Winner!

Hi everyone! ok... last Thursday (Feb. 7) was my 1 year anniversary from my first designer freebie and I had planned on doing something fun to commemorate the date... BUT... my computer went bazerk and I had to take it in (turned out I had some bad RAM that was messing up everything!)... so I just got my computer back today and was excited to hop back on and blog :)
First of all... it's time (finally!) to reveal my February Grab Bag! Here's what was inside (and it's still available as a bundle pack for just $5): I also wanted to do something a little FUN -- so I went to all of the comments left on the last post and closed my eyes and scrolled down to "randomly" select a winner for a $20 Gift Certificate to my store - and the winner was JENN MURPHY! (I've emailed you the coupon code so go check your email :) I'm thinking I'll keep doing this periodically so don't forget to leave a comment if you want to be entered into my SURPRISE drawings - LOL

Last - here's a cute template for the taking -- enjoy!
Download here

Saturday, February 2

Twirly Template Freebie

So DH and I went out on a shopping adventure for a twin stroller (that accomodates the infant carseats)... decided to come back home and do some research online - so no major purchase made yet... (and if any of you have personal experience.. it's welcomed!)
I just wanted to pop on and say THANKS to those of you have jumped on my Grab Bag this month :) Also - the 40% Storewide sale will only be in effect for a few more days.
For those of you who are going to be scrapping during the Super Bowl tomorrow - here's a template to help out :) Enjoy and thanks for all of the comments you guys have been leaving lately:)