Thursday, September 20

Props to the Swass Posse

I know I've been a bit MIA -- thanks for the notes/emails checking up on me :) Sadly, a nasty flu bug has been running through each of my boys this week... thankfully it's only a 24 hour bug but each one has been sick each day this week! so it has made for a LONG week :( -- especially since my dh is out of town... oh, also - my little guy turned 1 on Saturday!! Here's the LO I did of the big day!

Before I sign off I was thinking how my CT - aka: the Swass Posse - is soooooo awesome but I never give them credit here on my blog! So... enjoy the little eye candy from the girls! If you'd like to see the full credits or see their other fabulous work -- just click on their names to be taken to their gallery at DST -- :)
From Lisa

From Claire

From Corinna

From Brynn

From Heather

From :)M

From Vicky

From Kara

From Katie

From Christy

From Lynn

From Sue

That's it for now! Enjoy your Thursday and stay healthy!

Tuesday, September 11

Grab Bag Revealed and Freebie Overlay

Thanks for all of your sweet comments about my house pics! They really made me smile :)
So today I decided to reveal my grab bag! It should have been called the TEXTURE Grab Bag! LOL -- It's available (for a tad bit more) at both my shops for the next few days or so. It includes 7th Lane Textured Paper pack... Give 'em Feelings Texture Overlays and a new set of my photoFX in a variety of sizes (12x12, 8x8, 8x10 and 4x6). Also if you were lucky enough to receive the ES Mega Grab Bag -- you would have received these new Photo Tabs from me -- If not.. and you think they're just too cute to pass up on - they are also up for sale ($1.99) at both stores. Alright... so I actually scrapped for the first time in like a month this past week! SHOCKER I know!! Scrapgal (my "normal" hangout) was having a Page-a-Day challenge and I figured that's just what I needed to get a jump start! here are 4 that I really liked the end result of. For full credits on all of them ---> Click here and thought I'd throw out something other than a template today - gasp! It's this 12x12 overlay in png format (preview is just shown on a white piece of paper - not included ;)

Download Here

Saturday, September 8

House pics! & Freebie

alright I know many of you will faint from surprise.. but... I'm making good on my promise of getting the pics of the new house (and painting) up for you guys! Now.. I DO have a disclaimer to make... I am in NO WAY an interior decorator (oooooh how I wish I was though!!) so don't be thinking that these are going to be model home quality decor (BUT.. if any of you ARE blessed with an interior design eye and see something that you think i could do to enhance the look - I'm all about suggestions :)... ok... so here we go on my little picture tour!

This photo shows the view from the front door/entry way area. The double doors on the right lead into the "man room" - which we'll get to in a moment and the little partition to the left is the stairs leading up. to the left of the family room is my kitchen... now, I actually painted it a really rich deep red but I just didn't like it! I *wanted* to love it - but I didn't.. and after 3 weeks I just had to get rid of it. My boys really loved it and so I'll be putting that color in their room - where I think it'll really work well :) OK.. so here's the kitchen with a really soft silvery-sage color which I like MUCH better! Still not head over heels about it - but we'll see what the future brings... Here are some pictures from the Man-Den! Take special notice of the blue couch in the second photo... that is the blue couch we purchased from proceeds of Shandy Vogt Designs! so THANK YOU GUYS!!!! the matching Loveseat is upstairs in the loft (which I guess I'll throw in a pic of that below too -- nothing special going on there but we totally enjoy the seating of the loveseat - so THANKS AGAIN! one can never give out too many thanks! :) LOL ok.. this last photo is of Ben's room. He really wanted to have a "Bronco Room" so he helped me and we painted an accent wall and then he helped me paint his dresser blue to match. He really likes his little "reading cove" that we blocked off with some fabric. None of the other bedrooms are done yet... Our master bathroom has all the elements purchased to decorate it but they haven't been installed/hung.. but once they do that'll be like my favorite room in the house! (and I'll have to post more pics)..

ok.. now I'm being serious here when I solicit this next thing... Our master bedroom is like 20x30 - and I REALLY want it to be like a retreat for us but have NO CLUE on how to arrange our furniture or how to make a really inviting sitting area in it. If any of you have experience or an eye for decorating I would trade full access to my store for 1 month in exchange for looking at the floor plan and showing me what you would do with it (truthfully I just need some ideas on what piece(s) of furniture I need to get to fill the space and how to actually utilize the space to the fullest - kwim) - anyway, if anyone's interested just email - shandyvogt AT

ok... last but not least -- I've got another template (BIG surprise, huh? LOL)... snatch it up if you likey :)
Download Here

Wednesday, September 5

TEMPLATE and opinions needed :)

hooray! I'm feeling like my life is taking on somewhat of a normalcy - and it feels GOOD!! In our new ward at church I was asked to be the new Wolf Den leader! eeeks! I guess they figured with 4 boys of my own.. I'd have the whole scouting thing down.... ummmm.. think again! Today was my first den meeting and I'm pleased to report that it went rather well and the boys were VERY well behaved!!! I was happy :)
So are you guys getting bored with my templates?? Out of everything - I actually prefer making templates so hopefully you guys are cool with it (until I get onto my next "kick" - LOL)

Before the template - just wanted to tell any of you new gals just checking me out today that I've got a ROCKIN 50% off sale at both of my shoppes right now! It'll go through the weekend and then.... your buck won't go as far :( so if you're wanting to browse and do a little shopping - you can just click here or here (nothing like enabling, huh?? heheheh) hey also wanted to ask you guys a question... do you *like* challenges? or are you overloaded on challenges at all the different sites? ES has a blog that is offering challenges if you're interested in checking it out... but I know that several designers do challenges or contests from their personal blogs... is this something you guys would be intersted in me incorporating???? Just leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Ok.. so on to the template.... ENJOY IT! Download here

Monday, September 3

Teaser and Template Freebie

Hey guys!!
I hope everyone's been having a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I actually had my dh home for the weekend (HOORAY!!) and we put together (what I like to call...) the "Man Den".... he's a huge Boise State Fan and has so much paraphenalia that we decided he needed his onw Man Room.... it actually turned out cool with a large wall collage of all his signed jerseys and posters (and I'm sure you guys won't beleive it till you see it... but I WILL post pics... SOON!!) but in the meantime I've got 2 things for ya today....
First - a Teaser!! This is a super sweet LO that Heather (one of the newest members of the Swass Posse) created predominantly using a product that can only be found in my Grab Bag! and for the next few days both of my stores are at a whopping 50% off!! Also if you're in the mood to find lots of fun goodies - all of the designers over at Elemetal Scraps also have their shops at 50% off! That's like going to the mall and all of your favorite store were half off!! Plus if you spend as little as $10 - you get the Mega Grab Bag for FREE!! ok... so here's another fun little template for all of you blog peeps!! I'm thinking I really like this one! I hope you do too :) You can Download it Here