Saturday, December 8

Happy (Freebie) Template Saturday :)

Happy Saturday everyone! Just wanted to hop on real quick and say THANKS to all of you who have snagged up my Grab Bag and new Rustic Winter (see next post down for previews...) You guys are the best! I also thought I'd post another "teaser" of a LO that my CT member (Katie) scrapped up only using iemts in the grab bag -- (she just found out that she'll be having a little baby girl!!! Congrats Katie!) and here are a few more CT Lo's using Rustic Winter (top one by Brittney & bottom by HeatherB) -- ENJOY!!! and now for the freebie (hooray!)... just a quickie one made to look super swass using the designfruit brushes :) You can Download it here ... oh, I also wanted to post our Christmas cards but I'll do that soon :) Have a great weekend and hopefully you're not fighting the crowds too much on your Christmas shopping!

Thursday, December 6

New Releases and a Freebie Template

Guess what?! no, we didn't find out that we're having a girl - LOL... but... I did get 4 brand new products created and packaged nicely up for a December Grab Bag!Just as a little teaser - I added the product type of each item on the little tags in front of each bag (so look closely at the preview!) and then I went a step beyond that and actually scrapped this LO using ONLY items found in the grab bag. It's only available for the next week so be sure to snag it for the $2 if you want it (and come on.. who wouldn't want it, right - heheheheh - oh, and you can think of it as an early holiday gift to yourself that won't break the bank! LOL))ok.. next in the area of New Releases - I also have a brand new kit out - Rustic Winter - I guess nothing is better than a pic so here it is... AND here are some LO's that my awesome CT has scrapped up using it (I'll be adding new LO's each day so be sure to check back daily :) and just to add the cherry on top of this - it's on $ale for 40% off right now :)One final note (and then it's on to the freebie....) All of my Templates are also on Sale for 40% off for the next week... ok... NOW it's time for the freebie! (I know.. I can hear all of the cheers roaring away right now :)... you can Download it here.

Saturday, December 1

Back to Reality (& a Template Freebie)

well, it's back to reality for me... my dh went back to work on Thursday after his 60 days of leave from the military. I'm telling ya - those 2 months FLEW by! I really enjoyed having him here and being able to do all of the daily errands/grocery shopping without any kids! I will say that the house somewhat suffered. I suppose I felt like we were both on vacation - as I've had lots of catch up to do on the housework - YIKES! Speaking of which - I spent Friday afternoon on a date with 17 boys shirts that desperately needed ironing - so I brought them all down and watched some good shows on the Food network (and some BBC show about how clean is your home -- made me realize mine wasn't all that bad - LOL).... Just because I was so proud of my efforts I took this picture - impressed, aren't ya - heeheheheh

On another note... I just REALLY, REALLY REALLY want to thank all of you guys - my supporters! When I decided to put my store on sale for $29.95 for those 48 hours, I had a goal in mind of how many I *wanted* to sell (and would have felt like it was a success...) and I have to say that my goal was MORE THAN DOUBLED!!! I know that there were hundreds of awesome sales you guys could have taken advantage of and so to have you spend your hard earned $$ at mine - really meant a lot and was sooooo appreciated! (in fact, at the Thanksgiving dinner as we went around the table to say what we were thankful for - my dh mentioned my business doing so well - made me feel good!) so thank you guys! Just FYI ('cause you know I like to tell my peeps where I spend the $$ I make...) We got a trampoline for the boys for Christmas (the one we've had for the past 6 years finally died this past summer - so this will be a great surprise for them :) and we bought Sod for the whole backyard (yah! say goodbye to the MUD!) and of course used the rest to help out with some more Christmas gifts :) Again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You guys are the best! and on on that note.. here's another template for you! I really hope you like it - You can Download it here Also - here's the preview of this months Mega Kit at Elemental Scraps - isn't it gorgeous!!! Also the designers have put together a mega Grab Bag and it's FREE with any $10 order - PLUS there's a storewide sale up to 50% off the entire store :) Check it out if you've got some time/money to burn - :) Have a great Sunday guys!