Friday, August 31

New Products... NEWS... & a Freebie :)

Let's start off with the NEWS...
I've invited 2 gals to join the other members of my Swass Posse! Heather Bowen and Brittney Leavitt are the newest additions to my CT! I'm just so beyond thrilled to have them!
In other news.... my boys started school this week (3 of the 4 get to go) and I have been taking advantage of the peace and quiet (during Nathan's nap times) and have gotten much more accomplished this week! I'm feeling a bit more settled and the upstairs (minus our bedroom) is pretty much moved in... so that feels good! OK.. I'm sure you guys are bored with me keeping you updated on our move-in stats each week so I'll move on to the scrappy news...

Yep... it's time for my new releases! I must admit that I had such high hopes for MANY more products to get done (but there just weren't enough hours in the days! anyone want to lend me some of theirs??? LOL)... but I did get enough to package up a swass Grab Bag with 3 new products as well as a couple of others (another one is VERY close to being finished and I *hope* to have that uploaded by Saturday night :) -- wish me luck!)
now... not only are there these new goods to snatch up... but you can snatch them up at a BIG OL' 50% OFF SAVINGS for the next week! Both my stores at Elemental Scraps and my personal Shandy Vogt Designs shoppe reflect this awesome deal! Check 'em out :) and Finally... a Freebie!
this is actually the number set that coordinates with the Outlined Alphas (and thought I'd offer them to you guys for FREE first before uploading them into my stores...) These were actually created by using my own handwriting as the foundation (which I don't normally like my handwriting but I DO think these turned out pretty cool...)

ps: I can't remember if I announced this earlier but regarding my SHINES... Just for the time being (insert... untill I get more settled and life calms down a bit...) I'm just going to be showcasing the SHINES every other week -- but please keep sending in your submissions! I trully LOVE seeing them!!
have a happy Sept. 1 and weekend!

Thursday, August 23

I'm ALIVE!!! (and a Template)

{{Coming up for air}}
alright... this whole moving thing has REALLY taken a toll on me! I can't seem to get organzied and settled! I know where absolutley NOTHING is and it's driving me crazy! Several of you have emailed and checked up on me (thanks!! :) meant a lot to me :) and it has been pointed out on MANY occassions that I haven't updated my poor blog since August 9th! Now THAT'S a crime! Got the next batch of SHINES up -- thanks to all who participated and good news.... I HAVE NEW PRODUCTS!! they are on hold for a Sept 1st release but I will be emailing you gals a link to get one of them early (I have LOTS getting ready to be released... why you might ask do I have lots of new products in the works when I feel soooo frazzled??? well.. the asnwer is simple.... becuase I REALLY like to spend $$!! (and I don't feel *as* guilty when I spend my design money - LOL..)
Before I forget.. I need to send a couple of shout outs...
(1) To Brooke in Oregon (her LO using one of my Swass Templates got left out of the SHINES slideshow so here it is all big and fancy!
(2) OK.. my girl Heather B -- wow... she left me speechless today so just have to send out props to her! She participated in a challenge where you use all items from your favorite designer and guess who she chose!... yep.. yours truly. What is a designer to do/say when a scrapper deems you as their all time favorite??? I'll tell you what... (well.. actually I can't say quite yet... but stay tuned for an update (hint hint...) OK..Here's her Swass LO that she created for the challenge (using a Got Ads? Template, 5th Ave. Textured papers and Alpha Masks with Class)
(3) I don't have my laptop connected to the internet (which is where my pics of the house are downloaded to...) so I can't post any pics right now but I promise they'll be coming soon!!
(4) Here's a quick template for you guys -- for being faithful readers of my blog (even when there hasn't been an update in 2 weeks!!) Called Tempalte #32 (since I'll be turning 32 on Sunday :).... Enjoy it! You can Download Here

Thursday, August 9


hey peeps! what a fabulous Thursday evening :) My boys spent the day with grandma and I got lots of shopping (for home decor items) and unpacking done. I really feel productive! I'm even feeling MORE productive since I finally got the SHINES out for the past few weeks. I'm soooo sorry that it took me this long! I know you guys all understand and will forgive me - but just wanted you to know that I did feel bad...
So I saw another blog where the designer used a slidshow to showcase LO's that had been sent in to her and that's when the big light bulb went off - WHY HADN'T I THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE???! I'm thinking I like this way to show off the weekly SHINES submissions... what do you guys think? Plus this way is MUCH faster for me!
For those that participated - you will be receiving a GC to my store -- I was hoping to have something new made up to give you but haven't gotten that far- eeeks! So check your emails and if you somehow didn't get one - please let me know :)
With that -- I am off to do some more painting :) I'll def. have to take some pics of my progress -- the accent walls are turning out quite Swass!!
Until later....

Friday, August 3

PSA and (another) Free Template :)

ok ladies... this is my public service announcement to everyone reading.... BACK UP RIGHT NOW!!!! you just never know when something might happen! Sadly I've been feeling like it was time to back up again (I *try* to do it once a month -- although I should really be doing it weekly!)... case in point... my hard drive crashed as well as 2 memory sticks (whatever those are - hee hee). The good news is that it was still under the extended warranty we purchased... the sad news -- the warranty didn't cover any data recovery.... HELLO! I need my goods! So... I had to pay to get all of the data retrieved ($69 well spent!). So.. don't put it off any longer and GO BACK UP! ok... I've done my good deed to the digital community.
So it's been almost a week that we *moved* into our new house... I'm feeling quite good about my productivity this week :) oh, and just have to say -- even though we are still somewhat living out of boxes... I have 2 rooms painted!! Yep.. I have my priorities straight - LOL. I want to take some pics and show you guys but my dh has hidden (ok.. he put them in a *safe* place and can't find the batteries)... so guess the pics will have to wait for another day. (plus, I'll need to post a pic of the couch set you guys helped fund with last months sales :) -- everytime I see them I think - awww.. my peeps bought these for me! seriously.
Alright... real quick before I get to the Freebie for today - just wanted to let you know (if this is your first time visiting...) that I've got 2 terrific sales going on right now! and what I mean by terrific is a whopping 50% off my entire inventory at both Elemental Scraps and Shandy Vogt Designs. Also - every designer over at ES is marked down half price PLUS if you spent a total of $10 you get the mega grab bag for FREE! and yes - it really is valued at over $40! (plus we're so nice over there that we're even givin you a sneak peek at what's inside!)... so yeah.. can't beat that deal going on!
and just cause I think you guys are the bees knees... here's another template (sorry - no fun name for this one -- just blog freebie template #30) You can
Downlaod it here