Saturday, June 30

New Products... 50% off Sale... FREE template

what a week ladies!! I'll write more about it all tomorrow but this week has been filled with house hunting! I LOVE looking at houses - especially when you find "the one" and you just KNOW IT! kwim? Well that happened and we bought a house yesterday -- we close in 3.5 weeks! It's going fast - but I couldn't be happier! ok.. I know I'm behind on my SHINES -- but wanted everyone (especially those who submitted) that I haven't forgotten but it will probably be Monday before I get to them....

REAL QUICK... Both my shops at Elemental Scraps and Shandy Vogt Designs are on sale. A B.I.G. sale! 50% off! I've also got a grab bag that literally has a retail value of $20 for just $2 - it's definitely a VERY SIGNATURE "Shandy Style".... (and a little hint just for my blog readers... think Swass... Templates... $$... grunge... you get the idea, right?) Everything in it is BRAND NEW! I'm quite excited about it....
Also over at ES - there are lots of fun games and challenges going on - so be sure to check out the forums while you're over there :)

ok.. so do you want to see my other new products that just hit the shelves tonight???? alright... here they are!
and for stopping by today... I've got this cute little template for ya - if you think you can use it - feel free to take it :) Download

Saturday, June 23

SHINES & Brush sale :)

Hey guys! Ok.. I feel like I've totally been neglecting my little blog.. in fact it was like midnight when I realized that it was time for the weekly SHINES! Being gone to girls camp all last week and then this week I was able to sneak away for a couple of days with my dh on a business trip (yes, I DO have the best MIL to take all 4 boys at the last minute so I could go :).... so now I'm playing catch up on all of the household chores and such. Although relaxing in a hotel with no interuptions by sweet angel boys (cough cough - LOL) I was able to get LOTS of new products designed! I've got such goodies in store to be released on July 1st! Elemental Scraps will be having a BLOCK PARTY!! and it should prove to be such fun!!! I'll tell you all more about that soon... but let's get on with the SHINES (so I can get to bed - hee hee)....

This week the participants will each recieve my new Assorted Swass brushes (check your emails ladies and if someone was overlooked, PLEASE let me know). Here's the preview.... now not onlyl have I neglected my bloggy-poo but I have also neglected to do anything FUN over at Shandy Vogt Designs so on a whim (and most likely since it is close to 2am) I decided to put all of my brushes (including these new Assorted Swass ones) on sale! 50% OFF for TODAY ONLY! No coupon needed.. prices are already adjusted for the sale - but will return to full price at midnight MST Saturday night. ok... so now on to the beautiful SHINES!!!
Also -- did you guys see that Scrappy Pony has a new store?? It's still her Grand Opening Sale and all products are 50% off! woohoo - go Heather!!!

Saturday, June 16


wow! when I got back from camping... I had lots of SHINES submissions! I really enjoyed myself looking at all of the LO's you guys have created with my designs!

This weeks participants will recieve a BRAND NEW PRODUCT that I won't be releasing until July 1st! sorry... no preview either for everyone else -- I want to keep this a secret until then... (well.. unless the girls who get it today create a LO with them... they can share and tease you all - hee hee)... it's another set of photoFX -- it's the grunge effect series and they are quite swass! Check your emails ladies! There were lots of you this week so if you don't have an email from me by Sunday morning... please let me know....

So.. I proudly present for your viewing pleasure --- this weeks SHINES!

I've been TAGGED!

Thanks to Chantal I've been tagged! But before I begin I left out of town the very day that Chantal made her big announcement of who made her new CT -- and guess who's name was on it????? YEP!! Yours truly!!! I am soooo excited! She makes such awesome tempaltes and frame clusters! In fact I just finished up this one using one of her Photo Clusters -- In addition to the frame, I used papers from my Nature set, a cardboard with an Island Woods paper attached to it and one of my Deetle Doodles.... So yeah -- check out her stuff! She sells at Scrap Digi Style and Digital Scrap Spirit!

ok.. so on to the tagging...

Your Partner? is on his way home

Your hair? dark reddish brown
Your Mama? lives WAY too far away from me :(

Your Dad?huggable and a great supporter!
Your dream last night? I don't remember
Your favorite drink? Strawberry Crstal light with a splash of sugar Free Raspberry syrup! YUM!
In which room are you now? dining room

Your fear? I'm the biggest scaredy cat in the world! I'm VERY much afraid of the dark!
What do you wanna be in 10 years? to be able to say that I've been the best mom/wife I could be!
With whom did you spend the last evening? John - my awesome DH!
What are you not? a complainer
Your favorite book? hmmmm....
Last thing you ate? Orville Reddenbachers 94% FF kettle corn
Your mood? I am feeling rushed -- got lots that I need to be doing.. yet here I sit typing these out - LOL
Your friends? I have lots of friends... lots of good friends -- and few SUPER special ones!

Your summer? fun family time

When did you cry the last time? Friday up at Girls Camp when we sang the closing song
Favorite weekend hobby? truthfully?... probably when dh has all the boys off doing somethign fun and I'm left alone to enjoy the peace and quiet!

Job you dream of? I've got it!

Your Computer? HP laptop

Winter? it's alright... love that it brings CHRISTMAS!
Religion? LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)

Holidays? love me some Christmas (see answer above - LOL)
On your bed? like 9 pillows and a big ol' comforter! love me some plush bedding!!
Love? yep! I've got definite love in my life! My sweet manly man and my 4 cute boys!

And now I'll tag some of my CT members as well :) -- Claire and Corinna and Heather (Scrappy Pony -- she's not on my CT but I wanna hear from her too!)

Monday, June 11

Scalloped edge Template Freebie & news....

Happy Monday everyone! First of all -- here's something fun -- Kayla has done a VERY Awesome tutorial on using my Swass Masks. I HIGHLY suggest you all check it out (she's giving a little blog reader gift out from me - hint.. hint...)

We spent the weeked up in the beautiful mountains of idaho visiting family this weekend! Got home last night and today will be quite the crazy day getting all packed up and loaded for Girls Camp. I'm one of the leaders for the youth girls in our church and we're heading up for a week of camping! It should be pretty fun and I'm quite excited! :) :) Mom mom and MIL will be taking care of the boys this week while I'm gone. Anyway so this weeks SHINES will be posted on Saturday night.... keep submitting them - just know that I am away from the computer all week so I won't be able to quickly respond letting you know that I've recieved it.... Also.. any customer service needs will be addressed this weekend as well once I get home. So just be patient if you're trying to get a hold of me.

ok... just to keep you guys tied over till I get back.... here's a little template for ya! Enjoy it! Download it Here

Thursday, June 7

Grab Bag Revealed & Doodlie-O Freebie!

alright's time for the big reveal of my first ever grab bag!!! If you were one of the lucky gals who snatched this up during the big grand opening sale at ES, you saved over $11 off of the current prices for these! Here's what was inside.... (all are now available at both of my stores :)

These were all new releases (with the exception of Confidence - which was previously just a paper pack but I added some goodies to it for it to be a mini kit -- it actually comes with a total of 6 frames - only 3 are pictured. The additional three don't have words on them - so you can customize them to say what fits your LO :) ).... The only thing this Grab Bag was missing.... was some SWASS! Don't fret though ladies... I've been working on a super swass-alicious item that will be exclusive to my next grab bag! I can hardly wait for July to get here!!!

Here are 2 LO's that my CT has done up using CHANSEY! I thought they both did a wonderful job and wanted to show you all this little mini kit in action! The first one is by Lisa (she also used the Swass Swirls) and the second one is by Christy S. (she also used a Got Swass? Template and the Alpha Masks with class for her title).

alright.... my grand opening at ES was a bigger success than I ever imagined!! and I have all of YOU to thank -- so I wanted to give you guys a fun, new set of brushes that I created as a BIG OL' THANK YOU!!!! It comes with both the .abr file as well as the .png's of all the images. I really hope you all enjoy them!

you can download them HERE.

SHINES of the week!

woot! time again to showcase the LO's that you (my fans!) have sent in to me... This week, each participant will receive my new Got Swass? Templates that were just released this past weekend! I do periodic searches in various online galleries for my name and I *try* to comment on all the LO's you guys do with my goodies! Be sure to send them to me if you'd like them showcased here with the weekly SHINES!
ETA: it's been brought to my attention that the address I gave for Andilynn's designs is wrong -- the correct url is so be sure to check andrea and her designs out! she ROCKS!

Tuesday, June 5


So I was playing around with the new photoFX brushes and figured most of you would realize this... but thought I'd share a visual anyway - LOL... you can play around with the darkness of your photo by copying the photoFX layer.... see the difference below :) Have fun and don't forget to snatch up the template in the next post down :) have a great Tuesday!

photoFX & Template Freebie

Hey guys! well... I never did get back to you yesterday to clarify if the 50% sale was ending Monday or Tuesday. The big boss lady says to keep it going through today - to make up for the little blunders that we had on Friday! So... if you haven't checked out the new look, the new designers, the FUN challenges going on over at Elemental Scraps you've got one more day to do so! HOORAY!
Also -- to tempt ya a teeny tiny bit... I just uploaded these super cool new photoFX gradient masks in the store (and with them still being 50% off they're only $1.75 - for today ONLY!). They work very much like my swass masks EXCEPT these can ONLY be used in the brush or eraser mode. The png files are included just for a preview only. I have also included detailed instructions on their use... so if you likey... go snatchy up :) and for your amazing support of me and my designs I've got another little blog gift for you... (just FYI: I created this LO using my Utopia papers and elements)

Monday, June 4

More Swass Templates & a Freebie!

Just a quick post (gotta get to bed!) but so many of you like my Swass Template that I decided to do up a whole set of them :) I was going to wait until next weekend to release them, but then I thought - nah... my peeps will surely be appreciative if I hurry and upload them while the 50% off sale is still going on - LOL.... so that's what I did! I need to double check if we have extended the sale through tomorrow (Tuesday) due to all the paypal/server problems we had on Friday or if it's just good through today (Monday). Just to be safe, I'd hurry right now over here and snatch this baby up - hee hee (aren't I subtle - LOL) also.. was playing around and thought these were kind of unique... they're chalk writing (yes.. that is my free form handwriting - sorry it isn't prettier - eeeks!) on a blackboard textured background - how fun is that!!? -- the preview didn't really show the textures all that well so I added in an upclose view... They are 4x5 in size. Ok.. Restaurant is such a tricky word... thanks for pointing it out... LOL - Now I shant look uneducated - hee hee
Download them here

Saturday, June 2


ok ladies! I just realized something! You know my new Swass Swirls (look for the preview 2 posts down....) Well.. I somehow deleted it from my inventory yesterday (shortly after the store opened!) I'm so sorry if you came over to Elemental Scraps looking for them and couldn't! Eeeeks! The good news is: they're still on sale for 50% off through June 4th! (and glad I realized this now instead of on Monday - LOL)... so yeah.. they're up now :)

SHINES & Paint Swoosh Freebie

I literally crashed on the couch by 9pm last night! LOL.. guess I had a lot of catching up on my sleep to do! OK.. as promised, here are this weeks SHINES! I'm glad you guys all liked the template and I must say -- that's the most comments I've ever gotten on any one LO - hee hee :) Thanks for taking the time to write such nice things!

This first set are some of the template usage I got sent in :) now.. I saw SEVERAL other Lo's in galleries using this.. so next time be sure to send them to me (well... only if you want them included in the SHINES -LOL .... plus.. there's always a fun goodie for the participants!)

Each of this weeks Participants will receive my GRAB BAG!!! So check your emails ladies! (and if by chance you've already purchased it.... let me know and we'll get something different :)

I also was messing around and came up with these paint strokes... anyway, I'm not doing anything with these particular ones so here they are for your taking... I'm not including a TOU on these -- do whatever you want with them... and no credit is needed. I was too lazy to put them on individual files so there's just one png contact sheet with all the swooshes...

Download them HERE


oh, and totally don't forget to check out Elemental Scraps!!! for all the grand re-opening celebrations. Lots of festivities going on still throughout the weekend and the whole store is still 50%!!! woohoo!! See ya later :)

Friday, June 1

The B.I.G. reveal!!!

HELLO! yes I'm screaming! It's almost 3am and I am so tired so gotta be LOUD to keep me awake - LOL.... (you might ask why I just don't go to bed and post when I wake up.... well... here's my answer. In the morning I will have 4 wonderfully, sweet boys who will inevitably keep me away from the computer - hee hee... so while they slumber, I shall post :)

So here's my BIG NEWS!!! You can now find me a 2 shops! My Personal Store will definitely stay up and running and I have added a second shoppe at Elemental Scraps. I'm thrilled about this new opportunity! The entire site has gotten a whole new MAKEOVER and I must admit that it is absolutely gorgeous! it's so fresh and springy!! Grace Bennett has been working incredibly hard to get the new look off the ground! Her talent so amazes me!!!

Ok... just like my little ad said (hee hee.. this was my first ever ad and I totally had a blast making it!!!) everything in my shoppe is 50% off! and not just that -- but every shoppe at ES is having a 50% off sale! and a Free MEGA GRAB Bag with any $10 purchase (I have seen the contents of this bag and HOLY TOLEDO! it should be called the MEGA MEGA GRAB BAG - the thing is sooooo huge!).

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I've been burning the midnight oil and here's the result of my sleepless nights - LOL.... I realize that there are only 3 product previews, BUT... the grab bag has 4 never released products in it! --and the Alpha Masks took FOREVER! I wanted them to be just perfect for you guys!).... and Yes - I was on a SWASS kick this week and made a couple of new brush sets - each pack does include the png's of each image as well :) Heather B (one of my regular readers) voiced her frustration to me about all the flourishes being "too girly" to put on her boy LO's -- seeing how I am a mom to all boys, I thought I'd come up with a product FOR ALL OUR BOYS -- and that's how Swass For Him was born! I hope you guys like them! Scroll down to see 2 LO's using them!

and here are 2 LO's made using the new Swass For Him brushes. I made the first one of my 3rd DS and how he is obsessed if he looks cool or not - hee hee. The papers are from my No So Simple Bold set and the stitching is from Meredith Fenwick, Jessica Gorney and Shabby Princess. The bottom LO is by my CT member, Chrissy! Now her boy DOES look cool!!

one final note: this weeks SHINES will be post-poned... just for a tiny bit (I'll have them up by Saturday evening!).... so please check back soon :) and I just wanted to say that I have had like 4 LO's sent in with the freebie template I gave out yesterday -- talk about some FAST scrappers! Thanks for making it this far! Keep reading the next post for a little freebie! :)