Tuesday, February 27

Stayed up way too late scrapping last night but came up with this new paper line (which is still in the works) but isn't it too fun!? I also used my Funky Flourish Rubons :)

Monday, February 26

MM - Mocha Petals Freebie

Another Monday, another week in full swing! Well, today MM stands for Mini Kit Monday! I've done up a fun little set of papers and rubons up for grabs today. The floral paper has a very "fabric-y" (is that even a word??? -LOL) look to it that I fell in love with! I know I've said it before, BUT... I seriously would love to see LO's that you create using my designs -- so feel free to email me (addy can be found in the TOU with the kits) or post a comment here linking me to your gallery. Oh, I almost forgot... I've also been working on an alpahbet set to match these papers that I hope to have up in a day or two so be sure to check back! download Mocha Petals here

Saturday, February 24

a new technique

ok.. so a new technique for me! I'm sure many of you already know how to do this BUT... I was just browsing through some digi blogs when I came across this awesome step-by-step tutorial on Misty Cato's Blog on how to get this look. I immediately opened up PSE4 and created this in literally under 1 minute! So simple and yet I love the look!! If you look at my basketball LO further on down you'll see something *similiar* to this... in fact, this was the look I was going for but didn't quite know how to achieve it - and so I cut my ds out of the original photo and used it as the background -- took much longer than 1 minute - LOL ... EDITED TO UPDATE: I created this LO using the technique I learned... just a quickie to capture my sons favorites at this age.
(paper is by Kim Christensen and the flourishes are by Doris Castle)


I've been working on another little mini kit to give out on Monday. I'll give you a hint... it's called MOCHA PETALS and has lots of rich textures! Be sure to stop by on Monday to pick it up :)
Also, all links are still active for all of my current Freebies so just browse through my blog to see if there's anything you can use... See ya'll later!

I scrapped with one of the freebie templates I downloaded earlier this week to highlight my youngest sons FIRST ROLL! He was just so proud of himself. Full credits can be found here. I was going to post the link to Dani's Scrap Blog where I picked up this gem of a template but remembered that it was only avaiable for one day...

Wednesday, February 21

TT - Basketball Freebie

Hooray! It's finally Thursday (OK.. so it's technically Wednesday night but I've got a super busy morning tomorrow so went ahead and posted it a bit early :) and it's time for my first TT (read the next entry in my blog to find out what I'm talking about...) I was scrapping by middle sons Basketball pics today and made the background paper for it... I liked it so much I decided to keep going and put this together for anyone who's interested!

download here

here is the LO I made that started the inspiration for this kit. Click here for the credits. Like always... I LOVE hearing what you think... so please leave a comment if you download :)

Monday, February 19


Boy o' boy! I've really been missing the designing! Life has been a little more demanding the past week and a half. My DH is in the military and is currently the Rear Detachment Commander for a unit that is currently in Iraq. 3 of their men were killed last week. Since then, he has been unbelievably busy with taking care of notifying all of the family's, completing all the paperwork, and overseeing the funerals. There were several days that he only made it home for a few hours to catch some sleep. Add to that, all of my boys have had a 5 day weekend (with Parent Teacher Conferences, President's Day and a Teacher Inservice day) I haven't had time to create anything.

BUT... I have been thinking of something. I know Friday is a BIG Freebie day so wanted to spread some of the L.O.V.E. throughout the week. It's going to be my *goal* to institute MGM here at my blog. What is MGM you ask? Well, it's short for My Giveaway Mondays (I couldn't really think of anything that went well with "Monday" so went with this one - LOL). Along with that, I'm also wanting to throw in TT -- which stands for Take it Thursdays. It really could be anything you find here on those days -- might be a word art, a template, paper packs or even a mini kit! So... be sure to check back.

One more thing... Just wanted to say that I would REALLY love to see any and all things you create using my stuff! I've only ever gotten one link (THANK YOU LVMOMMY22) to a LO (and I even went and registered at that site just so I could comment on the LO - hehehe). Anyway, hope you all are having a great Monday night!

Check out DH's first LO!

Alright, so for fun I posted a challenge at scrapgal to have your DH or SO create a LO and post it... well, my DH actually took on the challenge and came up with this little number. I think he did awesome for his first attempt at digi scrappin! Just in case anyone's interested in what the journaling says, here it is:

While on our Fiesta Bowl trip, we stopped off at Vegas on the first night which also happened to be New Years Eve. We hit the strip around 7:00 pm and by 9:00 pm, both Dad and Bill had had it. Brent and I went back to the hotel with them to get some warmer clothes and then headed back out. Come on! How many times are you going to get to spend New Years Eve on the Las Vegas Strip? Besides, how much trouble could two good Mormon boys get into, right? The night went well and the whole strip was closed down to traffic. It was one big party in the streets. Brent and I estimated that there were probably close to 200,000 people out on the strip. Despite the numbers and the obvious inebriation of most of the people, the crowd was still pretty mellow and just happy. As the time grew closer to midnight, I spotted this guy and his gleaming GRILL. The white boy from Idaho in me knew that I immediately had to get a picture with him. He was cool and posed ,while Brent snapped the pic. Everyone always knew I was down and now I had the proof, yo!

Tuesday, February 13

August Sun Mini Kit

I really like the way this one turned out. I totally seized the moment! My oldest DS was home from school sick last week and after his 3rd day of being stuck inside, he asked if he could do some painting. Anyway, he came up with the "base" for each of these papers - hence the name for this kit "August Sun" (his name is August). Aren't these just so rich and FUN! I would *really* love to see layouts that you create with them! Then I decided to created a couple of little word arts and tags... enjoy! Just click Here to download.

Sunday, February 11

a Sneak Peek!

at what I've been working on... I absolutely LOVE sharing my work that I can hardly wait to get these done! I've been *experimenting* with new techniques and such... anyway.. here's a little PREVIEW for you! They are so FULL of RICH TEXTURES!! Enjoy - and I hope these are out in the next few days!

Found Time to Scrap...

So I finally made some time for scrapping last night! I've been so excited (ok, and little obsessed) with designing that I haven't scrapped as much as I'm "used" to - LOL.
This is my littlest guy and I created it to meet a challenge at scrapgal.com
Click HERE for the credits.

Friday, February 9

Barcode Rubons

From the comments I recieved, it seems unanimous - everyone wanted MORE BARCODE RUBONS! So I whipped these up tonight. Enjoy! You can download them HERE

They are in .png format.

Thursday, February 8


I've got sick kids today so wasn't able to venture out much which in turns means that I had some time to mess around with some more desigining. I think this one turned out quite cute, but that's just my opinion -- I'd really love to hear what the rest of you think.

Here's a little background on this latest set: My littlest guy has the absolute cutest PJ's ever, and as I was getting him dressed this morning I thought "the colors of these jammies would make a great set of papers!" -- so that was my inspiration. Since I was inspired by his little jammies, I decided to call this mini kit *JAMS* (I thought that fit much better than some of my other options I came up with ie. JAMMIES, SLEEPY LINE, NATHANS PJ'S... I'm sure you'll all agree with me here.)

Click here to downlaod JAMS Mini Kit
and like always -- I'd love to hear what you think!

Also, if this is your first time checking in, scroll down to yesterdays post and you can pick up another free paper pack!

Wednesday, February 7


alright, so I figured out the etiquette and realized I needed to re-do 2 of the papers to make it "appropriate" for sharing. The fun thing is that I REALLY liked how the 2 new ones turned out!

Here's the new and improved Yorkshire Collection kit.
This is my first attempt at designing papers and would LOVE to hear your comments. Please leave me a comment if you download :)

1st Digital Creation

ok.. so here is my first attempt at making my own digital papers. I've acquired so many freebies from some great digital designers that I thought I'd try and create something for "paybacks".

Truthfully I need to find out the etiquette on using free brushes to create papers and elements. I used misprinted type and also MissM brushes that I downloaded for free to make these. I named it the Yorkshire Collection because I drew my inspiration from the colors of my home decor and we live on Yorkshire Lane. :)

oh yeah, and I also need to look into sites such as 4shared.com and find out exactly how to go about sharing my work. I was just too excited to see this posted on my blog to wait for all the details - LOL