Wednesday, November 21

Thanksgiving Freebie & Doorbuster Deal!

woohooo! I'm really excited for the Thanksgiving meal -- I've been watching the Food Networkk lately and I've got a couple of new recipes I'm going to try -- along with a new Weight Watchers Spiced Pumpkin Cheescake Bars recipe (3 pts)... how about you? Any new recipes you're going to venture out and attempt? Pass along any links to some yummy recipes -- I always appreciate a new taste!
ok... every year I fight the crowds on Black Friday to get that super duper cheap gift that someone on my list *needs* - LOL... will definitely be checking out the ads to see if there's anything we need this year! It's much more fun when I go with my mom and sister but since they are way off in Nebraska - It won't be as much fun going solo :( Anywhooooo... I always get excited with stores start their Black Friday deals early so then I feel like I'm getting away witih something - kwim? So this year, I thought I'd start my Doorbuster Deal early and let it go through Friday ... what is it you ask? Well.. only for the next 48 hours you can Buy My Store for just $29.95! There are 70+ products currently in the store (and I know that there are several of you who can claim that they already own my whole store - I love you guys!!!). I initailly started it out for $50 but then thought... nah! my peeps and supporters are the best and they deserve the best! so as my personal gift to you - I have decided on the ridiculous price of $29.95.... I also wanted to reveal my grab bag to you guys - I hope those of you that hopped on this deal were pleased when you unzipped it :) For those of you that missed out... these are now in my New Release section of my personal store and they are currently 40% off...

(just FYI these flowers are all hand drawn AND hand painted :)

and here's another template for you guys to enjoy this holiday season! I made this a while back after being inspired by an incredible LO at DST - but for the life of me I can't remember whose LO it was - and I would have liked to have given credit to them... so if you recognize this template - give me a shout out so I can give some proper credit :) In the meantime.. you can Download here

Tuesday, November 13

SURPRISE! and a freebie :)

Heidy Ho there neighbor -- ok.. I've been watching a little too muck Nick at nite while I fall asleep lately! but nonetheless... I do want to welcome you to today's post :)
ok... all of the fun happenings are still going on through the rest of this week over at Elemental Scraps - which includes Instant Win & Collect and Win coupons with pretty much every single product purchased ... you can read here for the full rules (or read my previous entry that explains things a tad more...)

Anyway - I had to giggle at a comment amyu left a few weeks ago... she wrote: "Thanks for the template Shandy! I thought maybe you were posting to tell us how with DH being home non-stop for the past month that the next little Vogt boy was on the way ;)" ... well people... WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! Yes.. we will be adding one final Vogt "addition" to the family in early May (I'm just about 15 weeks along) and thought I'd take this time to tell all of my digi friends!! That's also been a big reason why not too much has been happening for me on the business side of things - I have been so incredibly tired! But I seem to have been getting my energy back so hopefully you'll see a steady stream of new goodies over the next little bit....

ok.. with that happy news out in the open... I've got another little freebie -- and *gasp* it's NOT a template! LOL.... just a little paper pack with a fun sticker... enjoy! You can Download it here.
ummm.. let's see... just one final note -- I wanted to thank ALL of you guys who have been supporting me with your purchases and leaving me fun comments :) I'm glad so many of you have taken advantage of my latest Grab Bag and I hope that you were happy when you unzipped it! It'll only be available for the rest of the week during the birthday promotion so be sure to snag it now if you're tempted - LOL

ok... gotta go clean the house - i was only *supposed* to be on the computer for 30 min but it's been well over an hour and half so I've got LOTS to do before the boys get home from school -- toodles for now peeps!

Saturday, November 10

Birthday Bash and a freebie!

Hey everyone! I had to hop on and tell you all about the happenings over at Elemental Scraps that will be going on for the next few days.... so here's the lowdown... the skinny... the 411 if you will:
Today (Saturday) Elemental Scraps officially turns 2 years old! We wanted to mix things up and make things interesting over there so....
EVERY SINGLE item in the store has an additional download attached to it - either an INSTANT WIN COUPON or a COLLECT & WIN CARD (think of the monopoly game pieces you collect -- if you collect the letters to spell "ES IS 2" then you win THE WHOLE ES STORE! The Instant win coupons can be literally anything from any of the designers - % off, $ off, free products, etc...
Really, everyone wins - I think it's pretty cool!
oh, and just so you guys don't think I've been on the slacking end of designing... I have a brand new Grab Bag available with 3 new products! (yes.. if you look closely at the preview here I used the actual product previews in the ad! and yes - that IS a new template pack you see there peeking out towards the bottom! - hey, I like to give little hints to my blog readers :)and just one final note... how would you like to snatch up another free template from me.. well then, it's your lucky day.. this one will available for a limited time only so hurry and Download now

Saturday, November 3

update and template for my peeps!

Prologue: (thought that would be fun to write in my blog) but thought I'd give a brief synopsis of where I've been ALL MONTH! I seriously cannot believe it has literally been a whole month since my last post! I hope my peeps haven't forgotten about me - cough, cough....
As you know, my dh has been home on leave from the military and we have literally just spent each day together :) also, one of my boys had reconstructive ear surgery (and the recovery for that was a couple of weeks) and my little baby got quite sick for about 2 weeks - so having dh home was actually REALLY nice! We had a great halloween (with everyone well and healthy!) and of course have been feasting on too much candy since - LOL....


Anywho.... I hope you are all celebrating DSD in a BIG, FUN WAY!!! and just in case you're needing a little incentive of where to *do* some of that celebrating... Elemental Scraps is having an incredible sale! We decided as a team over there to do something a big more fun - so we're having a $1, $2, $3 sale - and it's just what it says -- EVERYTHING in the entire shoppe is priced at 1, 2 or 3 bucks! Some of my products are over 70% off! So if you've been eyeing some of my goodies and have been waiting for a steal of deal - it's on baby!

Also.. here's a little template for all of you guys - especially for those of you who faithfully check in frequently (and haven't had much new to read this month.....) I might be sporadic over the next little bit (dh is home for another month - hooray!!!!) but I've got the itch to start creating... so I'm hoping to get some of that energy out! Until then... you can DOWNLOAD this template to play with :) again.. happy DSD and happy shopping!