Friday, June 13

Life with the Twins

So the girls are now 6 weeks old and I have loved EVERY minute of it! They are really the best little girls ever! They have never kept us up at night (thankfully!). they do get up about once a night to eat and then go right back to bed (they have both been known to go 7 hours at night - but a more "average" routine would be us feeding them when we go to bed (sometime around 11pm) and then they get up around 4am and then back to bed untill 8ish). they hardly ever cry and are such content little babies. I had my mom here for a few weeks and we had a lot of fun together and even attempted a road trip down to Utah to my cousins wedding in the LDS SLC Temple. They were great little travelers and were on their best behavior for meeting all my extended family. I'm posting several picctures (just 'cause I think they are soooo adorable!!) so I'll end now with a few tidbits....
Aubrie weighs 10lb 7oz
Lexi weighs 9lb 3 oz
We have gone through 25 cans of formula (YIKES!!)
and done roughly 500 dipaer changes (not counting the diapers I'm still changing for my 20 months old).
It really has been soooo much fun! I just love being a mom to 6 and these little girls bring such a wonderful spirit into our home. I haven't designed any - but wanted to close with a thank you to those of you who are still supporting me and purchasing my designs :)
the Birth Announcements we sent out (they are 3.5 weeks old in the pics)
the girls on their Blessing Day at church - 1 month old
6 weeks old - having the same expression - LOL
at their first Tea Party!
Snuggling in the stroller on our daily walk
sleeping soundly on the couch
3.5 weeks old