Friday, March 27

Retiring Sale and a Freebie!

well... I've debated on this post for quite some time now.... and I guess I came to the realization that it's time for me to close this chapter of my life. I'm not a sappy gal so I'll make this short and sweet -- T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U. to ALLLLL of my friends, fans (<-- ok, that's sounds funny to actually write - LOL) and all of you dedicated blog readers (that checked in by the hundreds each week even though I haven't made a post in over 6 months! - Yes, I still checked my site meter and was amazed that I still had that much traffic - and then at the same time felt soooo guilty for not having anything new up week after week! my apologies...) Anyway, (going to be totally honest here - LOL) that my domain name at is up for renewal in just a couple of weeks and I've decided not to renew it... soooo... I've got my entire store on sale at 70% off! I realize I haven't designed anything new in forever (literally - LOL) but maybe if there's ever been something you thought would be fun to play with -- now's your chance to snag it up for cheap! And you guys KNOW I couldn't go out without giving a freebie! So... Enjoy one of my template sets as a farewell gift from me... enjoy!! Here's the Link to grab it....


and then (just in case any of you are curious) how the twins are doing... they are doing great! We had a 2 week bout with the Rotavirus (which was sooo not fun!) but we are all healthy and happy now :) They love interacting with each other and giggle all the time (cutest thing ever!) They both are crawling and cruising around furniture (and can both climb the stairs - yikes!) they've both got 5 teeth and are the best little sleepers :) I have enjoyed them more than I could ever imagine! Here are a few photos from the other month (photos got put on the back burner once we all got sick... ) oh, and they're going to be 1 next month! I can't hardly even believe it!!!

this photo just cracks me up! LOVE their little faces in it! HEEEE!!!

and then 1 photo from yesterday... Aubrie was asleep so it's just of Lexi (but since they're identical... just pretend there's a second beauty in the photo - LOL)
aren't they the cutest little things!?