Monday, July 28

birth to 3 month twins video

Hi everyone! wow... time sure does fly by these days - but in such a good way! The girls will be 3 months old tomorrow - GASP! It has been such a joyous experience to have them and it seems so natural for babies to come in pairs - LOL.
I know I haven't been very good at blogging... but I've been working on some different "projects" - one of which is the girls' 1st year video (I know - kind of early - but I decided to do it in 3 months increments so it wasn't such a big job at the end of the year...) Here's Part 1 (birth to 3 months) if you're interested in viewing.

Thanks for stopping by today :)
ps: I'll need to post some LO's I've done recentlyl - I've been bit by the scrapping bug again! and I forgot how much fun it is to actually scrap - LOL


Julie Vander Pol - Remembered Moments said...

oh my the girls are getting so big! Not loosing their cuteness at all though!

The video you made is wonderful! There are so many photos of the cute girls in cute little outfits!

Can't wait to see some of the LO's you've done!

Glad to hear you are all doing well
Remembered Moments

Robb, Kris, Zack, & Bryce said...

So cute Shandy. You are wonderwoman! I love how all the pictures have to be labeled with their names...I can't really tell them apart.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing - the video is wonderful - brings back a few memories! :) I can't believe how much you have been able to track AND take care of your family - you are superwoman! Wish you all the best girl!

Side by Side said...

Wow..that is so gorgeous. Love all the photos you have taken of your beautiful girlies.
Thanks for sharing it.
The photo overlays really do add an amazing touch too :)

sara :) said...

I got all weepy watching this! So insanely cute.

Kevin and Amy said...

Oh my, that is SO CUTE!!!!!!! What a great video! I can totally relate to the pictures of you and your husband crashed on the couch or chair with babies sleeping on you... I remember those days well.

Looks like they are growing very well! Congrats on your beautiful girls:)

Wookies Mama said...

Loved the video! You have such cute kids and great photos of them, too. Thanks for sharing them!

Heather said...

Hi Shandy,

Your family is so precious. :)

I hear from Andrea at SM that you are a Treasure Valley resident! I am too. I was pretty excited to hear of it. Funny, huh?

Have a good day -

Cathy said...

That video is awesome! It must have been a lot of work, but it's so worth it - they change so fast and are no longer babies so quickly. Your pictures are really nice - are any of them professional, or did you take them all? And, are they identical? I love how you say it seems normal for babies to come in pairs :)

ChrissyW said...

that is the most adorable video!!! :)

Brooke - in Oregon said...

WOW they are growing so fast, love all the photos. THanks for taking the time to post them for all of us to coo over! :)

Christy said...

Shandy -- your girls are so sweet. My daughter loves their bows.

Bonnie said...

Shandy~ What a super cute video. I can't even believe you had time to put all that together with 6 kids!! You are amazing :)

IkeaGoddess said...

Love the video you put together, the girls are super cute. My favorite photo is the one where you are sleeping in a chair with both of them in your arms. I don't know how you do it all with 6 kids. I hope to hear more from you and your family if you find some time to blog.

Janine said...

Your girls are so friggin' cute. I bet your boys are really proud 'big' brothers.

Can't wait to see the next video in...erm 3 months LOL

Bless ya!

KeNzI said...

Hey, sister vogt!! This is Mckenzi Saddler, your girls are beautiful!! Snd it looks like you are very happy!

Heather said...

Kenzi found your blog (through Alli's) and said you had updated pictures of your "twincesses" (we love that term)and I had to check out your video. I love're so talented! What lucky little girlies to be in such a great family. I miss ya!
Heather S.

Kristy C said...

I almost had to get a tissue when I watched your video - my twin girls are 8 years old now, but the memories of them so little are so precious to me!

Congratulations on the delivery of such BIG healthy babies - you beat me at 6-12 & 7-12....(36 weeks). That's just amazing and wonderful. Keep up the amazing job you're doing so far....I can't believe you have the FOUR kids keep me so busy!

Taylor said...

Thats so sweet! I love little girls, and yours are AWSOME! They are adorable! but, i cant tell them apart!
-A reader (Taylor, who knows nobody here but happened to come across this and LOVED IT!)

Hipp hipp hooray!!!!!!!!!!